With the fast-evolving trends in technology and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in December 2019, about 82% of employers prefer engaging employees to work remotely at some time.

Remember, this trend will affect operations in major business sectors like marketing, advertisement, and lead generation. It’s evident that webinars now stand tall as the ultimate content marketing tool.

Webinars have proof a lot of pros than cons – they are cost-effective, able to reach a massive audience at the same time, captures attention, and provide quality customer engagement.

Now, for this reason, if you aspire to move your business to the next level, compete in the market and skyrocket your earning during this era, then running a more effective webinar is not optional.

I know you’re asking… How? Don’t worry. This article covers you.

And here we go…

#1. Know Your Audience

Before you begin preparing for a webinar, know your audience and their needs.

People have problems, but among them, there is a crucial problem that needs immediate intervention. Yes, focus your efforts on this number one problem, and your webinar will attract a magnitude. And in this regard, your webinar should focus on solving the problem for the audience.

The big question is… How can you identify the needs of your audience?

For you to know the specific needs of your audience, here are three practical ways to do this:

Obtain their demographics: Know your audience in terms of age, sex, occupation, level of…

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