6 Ways to Make a Bad First Impression During Business Outreach

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As an introvert, I’ve spent the majority of my entrepreneurial life mastering the techniques of inbound marketing.

But avoiding outreach forever isn’t sustainable  especially in the early days where SEO is practically non-existent and your social-media followers primarily represent your “friends and family” circle.

Research led by ValueSelling Associates, Inc reports that 48% of sales professionals are afraid of cold calling. The art of making a great first impression in the first 20 to 30 seconds and taking the lead further down the funnel requires practice and resilience, which led to the further development of automated tools, text bots and outreach systems plugging into exported lists of LinkedIn contacts.

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But every entrepreneur feels for the efforts of a sales representative  or any outreach person (be it in marketing or recruitment). What really draws the line, however, is an inappropriate message that throws the conversation off  and can negatively impact the brand’s perception in the long run.

While receiving 8:40 a.m. cold calls every other Monday isn’t among the best ways to start the week, here is how to get flagged right away (and why you should avoid these common traps).

1. Sell…

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