The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted digital marketing agencies large and small. But the reality of the business models is that small and large agencies are feeling the impact very differently. Larger agencies often have multiple employees to worry about and costly office rent, which can mean limited flexibility in pricing. With more overhead, there may be more financial risk. That’s why many larger agencies are cutting internal costs to stay afloat while dealing with the fact that they are losing clients right now.

With so many businesses closing, agencies large and small are struggling to stay afloat (COVID-19 Business Trends)

For smaller agencies and individual contractors, losing clients can be even more harmful to the business. However, with limited overhead, small agencies often have more flexibility to change tactics or shift focus to keep going during this economic downtown. In this post, I will walk through six strategies that can help keep you and your small paid media agency running:

  1. Understand the impact for each client
  2. Be as flexible as possible
  3. Provide more value where you can
  4. Consider different kinds of clients
  5. Prioritize strategic planning
  6. Set up client accounts for recovery

1. Understand the impact for each client

Regardless of how many clients you have, you’ll want to assess the impact that COVID-19 has had on each one individually. If you specialize in a particular industry, it is likely that all of your clients have…

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