6 Tactics for Marketing During Covid-19

The pandemic has taken its toll on businesses across the globe, particularly local businesses that rely on regular footfall. During this time, it’s been more important than ever to have a solid digital strategy and gain visibility online. Here, Jonathan Birch, Creative Director at Glass Digital, shares six ways local businesses can ensure they’re seen online and excel at marketing during Covid-19.

With Covid-19 driving businesses into online-only approaches, it’s vital for local businesses to use digital channels to keep their audiences in the know. But, as well as keeping the discussion open, it’s also important that local businesses prepare to make the changes needed to compete in this quickly changing new landscape. 

While for some that means making a totally new move to selling online, for others it may mean tweaking their SEO strategy to adapt to customers’ current needs and wants as driven by the pandemic.

In this article I will be sharing six of the top ways your local business can gain online visibility during uncertain times, including how to market during Covid-19, outside of the usual local SEO tactics.

1. React quickly to the changing landscape

The start of the pandemic saw businesses thrown into uncertainty, unsure of what would be the best action for their company and whether they would be able to tackle the obstacles to come.

Fast forward to a year of living with Covid-19 restrictions, at least to some extent, and businesses are still having…

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