There are two types of businesses. There are the ones that base their marketing strategy on conventional wisdom they get from blogs and expert opinions. Then there are businesses that base their marketing strategy on research relevant to their business.

Out of all businesses that operate online, only 55% are confident they understand the customer journey. What can a business achieve with the marketing campaign if the executives don’t understand their customers and how they come to the decision to buy? It’s hard to focus your efforts on the right audience and show them the right message.

So what do you have to do to join the other 45% of businesses? Add customer journey mapping to your marketing strategy. We’ve broken down this process into six steps that take place in two parts: gathering the data and then incorporating your findings.

Gathering data

The first steps toward making your marketing campaign more effective are data gathering. Having the correct data on your customers and their behavior ensures you base your messaging on real-world facts, not your assumptions. Here’s where you start.

1. Create a user persona

Before you start mapping out a user journey, you have to understand the user. Without it, the majority of your work with the customer journey can be in vain. Here’s what you should know about your customers.

customer journey mapping example

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Knowing the basic demographic information is a must when you’re creating a user persona. You…

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