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A lot of businesses are getting exposed to the internet and the potentials it holds. Businesses, both small and big, are not putting a lot of effort into establishing an online presence and boosting conversions through the internet. But while many businesses are taking advantage of online marketing tools like PPC, a lot more are making costly mistakes.

PPC can be a very effective marketing approach for businesses and brands, regardless of size or industry. The benefits it offers businesses are worth every penny, but not know how to go about it can yield little to no result. This article covers several common PPC mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them.

PPC Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Not having a clear goal.

Creating a PPC campaign without having a clear goal and target is the beginning of the campaign’s failure. When setting up the campaign, you will be required to answer some questions regarding the campaign goal, and when you don’t know what you are after, you will set up the campaign for the wrong purpose. So, when creating a campaign, start by making your goals clear. This will help you to produce a quality PPC campaign.

  1. Not using a landing page.

Another costly mistake many marketers make is when setting up a PPC campaign is to not have a specific landing page for the ad. Many businesses just sent the traffic to their website’s homepage, which in most cases, has little information to drive conversions. The thing is, your website Homepage is a generic…

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