Have questions about PPC Advertising? [Expand for Free tutorials and resources]
In this episode of Hawk Talks, Dan Pratt and Todd Saunders sit down and tackle 6 of the most common PPC questions they get from clients almost every day. So sit back and relax while they address everything from getting starting in Adwords to quick and easy ways to improve your campaign performance. Did we miss a question? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Blog Post: 8 Most Common PPC Questions Answered by 50 Industry Experts
Time Stamps

What is the hardest thing about starting on Google Adwords?
0:26 – 1:20

How much should I spend on AdWords?
1:20 – 2:59

How do you measure success on Google AdWords?
2:59 – 4:55

When Should I Advertise on Google vs. Facebook?
4:55 – 6:41

Should I bid on my brand name?
6:41 – 9:29

What can I do in 5 minutes to improve my ad performance on Google Adwords?
9:29 – 11:03

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