As a modern marketer, you’re expected to be a multitasker with a diverse skill set. “Multiple hats … love ‘em!” In reality, though, it’s a pretty tough gig.

So, of course you’re constantly looking for ways to shrink the workload—and that includes beefing up your landing page copywriting skills to maximize conversions. What are the highest-performing landing pages doing that makes them so effective? 

Though the world has changed, this question comes back to the same stuff that Greek philosophers were preachin’ back in 350 BCE. See that confident-looking guy in the middle draped in baby blue?

Raphael’s School of Athens ft. Aristotle

Yup, that’s Aristotle. He argued that persuasion consists of three appeals: emotional, ethical, and logical

You may be wondering what he can teach you about landing page copywriting. Surprisingly, a lot. Much of what he said centuries ago is true today. To start, we’ve narrowed it down to six quick and effective copywriting tips:

Approached with these tips in mind, every element of your landing page copy can be an intentional play towards winning more conversions. From your headline to your call to action (CTA), sometimes all it takes is swapping one word for another to turn more of your prospects into leads, sales, and sign-ups

What’s more? These tips aren’t going anywhere any time soon. We think it’s safe to say that many of Aristotle’s persuasive techniques are timeless. (No, not your mother’s 70’s…

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