Trying to come up with the perfectly creative, unique, funny, or cute St. Patrick’s Day Instagram caption?

Thinking cap not doing it for you?

saint patty's day instagram captions - dog with leprechaun hat


Good news for you: If you’re reading this post (and not the generic “Kiss me I’m Irish” lists out there), you can rest assured you’ll be able to come up with some creative captions of your own.

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Witty Saint Patrick’s Day Instagram captions

  • It’s that time of year…the month of Shamrocks, leprechauns, and radioactive-green-dyed foods.
  • Legend has it St. Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland. We’ll drink to that.
    There are no signs of snakes in the country’s fossil record. We’ll drink to that.
  • Four-leaf clovers symbolize luck. Three-leaf clovers symbolize spring. [Business name/sale] symbolizes both.
  • “Something special happened today. I got green lights all the way.” —Aloe Blacc
  • St. Patrick’s Day is the only day you can/when it’s acceptable to…
  • St. Patrick’s Day is like…

saint patricks day instagram caption - witty example

Cute St. Patrick’s Day Instagram captions

  • Any limerick!
    A limerick is a humorous verse of three long and two short lines that follow the a-a-b-b-a-rhyming pattern.
    There once was a runner named
    Who had too many blisters to count
    Then she found our shoes
    And now she’s got
  • Fun Irish drinking songs.
    (Be sure to read all the lyrics of the songs, as some are not appropriate!). For example:
    I’m looking over a four-leaf clover
    I overlooked before

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