Jeff Riddall

Do you want to drive more engagement and traffic via the social channels you are distributing your content to?

Of course, you do.

However, developing and managing effective modern content marketing and social media campaigns are easier said than done.

With the dawn of a new decade, marketers continue to experience challenges executing strategic and thoughtful digital marketing strategies – in particular, bringing together content marketing and social media.

It never has been, nor will it ever be, enough to just publish a bunch of content and haphazardly share it out via the standard social channels.

In fact, as more organizations create more and more content, it only becomes more important to take time to ensure a solid structure and process is in place for

Below are five ways you may be sabotaging your content marketing and social media efforts.

These are typical pitfalls marketing departments fall into when rolling out multi-channel organic or paid content campaigns.

1. Sharing Your Quality Content with No One

With all the recent and ongoing hype around the importance of content marketing, it can be easy to assume the way to win is to just start creating and sharing as much rich, quality content as possible.

However, there is little point creating content of any level of quality if adequate time has not been spent identifying who will consume the content and where this audience can be found.

The first mandatory step in the planning and development of any successful content…

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