If you are interested in seriously optimizing your website to gain as much traffic as possible, organically, then one of the first places you should look for is SEMRush. There are also other competitors that offer just as good a service, such as Ahrefs, Moz, or even UberSuggest.

Saying this, SEMRush can be quite daunting at first if you have never used a tool with as much data as SEMRush has on hand. For this reason, here are a few ways you can utilize the power of SEMRush, to increase your SEO traffic as much as possible.


#1 Understand Your Website in Domain Overview and Organic Research

The first place I always go to in SEMRush is the domain overview and organic research of my website. This is because:

  • It gives me a high-level look as to how my website is doing
    • If I see there has been a drop in traffic, I first look to the domain overview to see if that was caused by an SEO drop. If it isn’t, then I can safely say it was potentially just a natural temporary drop.
  •  Organic research shows the top keywords and the daily and monthly position changes of the website. This, again, is another great way to see how the website is doing, as it:
    • Helps to identify if the website is naturally growing or declining
    • If there are increase or decreases in rankings, it could be on specific articles, which you can then look into why this is happening and learn from it.


#2 Analyze Competitor Top Keywords

Using the same tools as outlined in #1, do exactly the same thing with…

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