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5 Tactics to Maximize Data-Driven Digital Marketing Campaigns

These days, marketers are so familiar with utilizing digital marketing campaigns they can practically employ them with their eyes closed. That’s not to say that digital marketing campaigns have become passé. It’s simply an acknowledgment of how ubiquitous they’ve become.

Organizations rely heavily on the valuable data gleaned from such campaigns; creating customer profiles, developing personas, assigning marketing attribution, and understanding which steps are more necessary than others during the buying journey.

As critically important as these things are, we must remember there is no “one right way” to develop and implement a digital marketing campaign. As a result, I’ve identified 5 tactics that marketers can utilize to maximize their data-driven digital marketing campaigns.

1. Use data that already exists


The key objective of a digital marketing campaign is to gather data. Thanks to technology, data about your target audience’s preferences and habits can be derived based on how they interact with an online or offline campaign. While no one would dispute the value of data gathered this way, what marketers should not overlook is data that already exists prior to the campaign.

To really refine a target audience down to who’s likely to take the buying journey all the way to its successful conclusion, marketers can obtain first-hand or third-party data chock full of demographic information. For example, if a company sells high-end men’s dress shoes starting…

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