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As the commercial world increasingly moves to online channels to reach customers old and new, there is a vast and growing spectrum of internet marketing options. These range from the older and more traditional methods, such as SEO and email marketing, to the latest trends in AI, mobile messaging and chatbots. 

With so many ways to market online, it can be hard to know which will be the best way to reach the audience that your particular business needs. But for restaurant owners, one of the earliest methods for connecting with customers online is still proving to be a winning strategy, making it one of the more predictable and reliable channels to invest precious marketing budgets. 

This proven, time-tested strategy is Pay Per Click, also known as PPC. 

PPC first emerged around 2002, as an evolution from the original google AdWords system. Even though it’s viewed as one of the older and more traditional forms of online marketing, there’s a reason it’s still so popular and prevalent: it works. 

Despite the younger and trendier contenders for your marketing spend, PPC is still a powerful way to reach your potential customers online. There are a number of good reasons why it’s still going strong, despite the many changes in the online business world, and it can be particularly effective in certain sectors, such as the hospitality industry. 

So here are 5 reasons why using PPC for restaurants and pubs is still a great online marketing…

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