Creating a Google Ads Account is too easy when it’s directed by a 5 minute Guide.

– In this video, you’ll watch the 5 Minutes demo on How to setup the Google Ads Account for your marketing Campaigns Ads in just a few minutes. All from setting Advertising goal to Ad Preview in just 5 minutes.

Before proceeding to the demo, let us understand, how significant Google Ads is for your online business?

Google Ads has emerged as the most helpful advertising campaigns publishing platform that helps businesses to shorten the connectivity between them and their target customers.
It helps them to set up the Google Ads Account just in quick steps and set up Ads Campaigns as per location, budget, target audience etc.
Moreover, as you watch the video, you will conclude that it assures an overall tracking of the Ads results by showing Google Analytics, Impressions, Clicks etc.

The video includes the Step-By-Step Guide for enabling:-

1- Google Ads Campaign Goal Settings
2- Display Images Upload Settings
3- Ads Targeting Location Settings
4- Ads Budget settings as per location
5- Business Description Settings (Business Name, Website Name)

Not only this under the Ads Review Settings section, you can easily Edit the changes that you wish to do.

At the end of the demo you will see the Ad Preview and you can very easily edit the changes that you have done and proceed with the further steps.

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