5 Examples of LinkedIn Showcase Pages (+ Best Practices You Need to Adopt)

Most businesses have more than one type of audience or buyer persona. In fact, you’re probably targeting at least two or three different niches at any given time.

LinkedIn has proven itself as an effective tool for reaching out to leads and speaking to your target audience. But you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt like you’re generalizing your messaging too much, or like your content strategy is all over the place trying to be diverse.

To solve that problem, we recommend turning to LinkedIn Showcase Pages to help you give the right attention to the right personas.

What Are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

These are pages that you can create in addition to your LinkedIn Company Page that can speak directly to whatever audience you dedicate it to.


You can create a community within your follower base around content on specific topics. Showcase Pages give you an opportunity to create valuable, relevant, and extremely niche content for different target audiences.

Not every buyer persona is looking for the same thing or has the same pain points. By crafting content tailored specifically to them and providing them with their own watering hole, you’ll be able to engage them on a totally different level.

It’s like if someone made a media room filled with all of your favorite books, movies, music, or games and furnished it exactly to your liking so you can spend time in it whenever you wanted.


How to Create a Showcase Page on LinkedIn

It’s actually a terribly easy…

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