5 Common Demand Generation Mistakes

86% of marketers consider demand generation a core part of marketing. However, demand generation is much harder today than it was 5 or 10 years ago. In this blog, we will be focusing on common demand generation mistakes and how different types of interactive content can help.

1) Not Qualifying and Segmenting Leads

Not qualifying or segmenting leads is a common marketing mistake. It is a lot easier to send generic messages to all of your leads, irrespective of their needs, interests, and preferences.

According to our research, marketers admit that they expect to waste 26% of their marketing budget on the wrong channels or strategies. Segmentation allows you to find cost-effective marketing channels for a specific audience and will help reduce some of the waste. In fact, Venture Harbour CEO Marcus Taylor said that he saw an 89% sales uplift & a 58% increase in average order value due to marketing segmentation.

One of the challenges here is how to collect valuable and relevant information from your prospects that allows you to segment leads.

Let’s assume you are trying to segment leads for a SaaS business in the sales productivity space. You can create a comparison tool that compares the time and cost of their current sales processes and sales stack vs incorporating your solution and showing the benefit of the SaaS tool to the end customer. In this case, prospects will be more comfortable sharing their information as you will help them optimize their sales.

2) Not…

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