Creating PDF marketing materials that reliably turns readers into sales is more important now than ever.

One way to supercharge your marketing material is by adding strategically chosen images.

Adding the right images to your PDF marketing assets is proven to grow more sales.

Scientists have discovered that humans remember images better than words. They believe it’s an evolutionary survival feature to be able to vividly recall what was seen.

Research has also shown that images are a powerful tool for communicating your marketing message and increasing sales.

It may sound startling, but images are processed in the brain remarkably fast and the memory of those images are retained at a far higher rate and for a longer period of time than words.

Why Adding Images to PDFs Is Useful

There are five reasons that are proven to help increase the conversion rate of your marketing materials.

1. Images Are Emotionally Engaging

Images are a great way to engage readers with a positive emotional impact.


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Research has shown that images can influence a reader’s mood.

What’s important about this is that this emotional influence can actually help your marketing message get through.

Another benefit of engaging a client on an emotional level is that it helps to hold the readers attention, keeps them engaged with the marketing material.

According to a research paper titled, Impact of Images in Print Media.

“…pictures have an unquestioned capacity to arouse…

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