Over the years, we see many different features in Google Ads. Some things come, then they leave, and other times we get adjusted versions of what they used to be.

One such feature that has changed relatively recently is the types of targeting options on the Display Network.

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In particular, Custom Intent Audiences and Custom Affinity Audiences have been combined into Custom Audiences.

Rather than choosing from a preset list of options from Google, we’re able to create our own audiences based on their interests and, in some instances, their search history. I’ve really come to enjoy using Custom Audiences, so I want to take the time and walk you through all of the options available for you to leverage for better ad performance. They include:

  • Interest & behavior
  • Types of websites browsed
  • Types of apps downloaded
  • Category of physical location visited

What are the Custom Audience options in Google Ads?

Custom Audiences are used for display and YouTube ads.nLet’s go through what each targeting type means and how it can be used. I’ll also provide strategies for getting the most out of them and show you how to set up Custom Audiences in your account.

1. Interest and behavior targeting

The first box we’re presented with is to target users based on their interests or behaviors. When you hover over the support box, here’s the description Google gives:

“Enter interests, in the form of keywords or phrases, that represent your ideal customer. Your…

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