As someone who has always been on the agency side of things, I am used to the pushback against Display advertising in Google. The number one reason I hear why clients do not want to use them is that they typically do not perform as well as Search. Of course they do not. The user intent between the networks is completely different.

But just because users are not as likely to convert, it does not mean Display ads are invaluable. There are several ways you can check and see if Display Ads are impacting overall performance on Google, and we’ll be covering four of those methods in this post. The methods involve:

  1. Display-specific Google Analytics audiences
  2. Observation audiences
  3. Google Trends
  4. View-through conversions

Let’s begin.

1. Create display-specific Google Analytics audiences

When you are in Google Analytics, click on the Admin button in the lower right-hand corner of your window. The middle column will be your Property column in Universal Analytics. Click on Audience Definitions towards the bottom of the middle column.

How display advertising can impact search network performance google analytics audiences

In Audience Definitions, we can create audiences from so many metrics available within Google Analytics. Before you can create an audience in Google Analytics, however, you must have Edit permissions to the property. Click on the red “New Audience” button, and soon you will find yourself in the Audience Builder. With the Audience Builder, and how you have your Display campaigns set up in Google Ads, there could…

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