Google Local Pack

As a marketing professional or business owner, you’re probably already aware that Google My Business (GMB) is an increasingly important part of local SEO, and that its influence has only increased over the years. 

According to a study carried out by Whitespark, Google My Business is the number 1 ranking factor for the local pack in Google search results.

Research that we conducted in 2020 found that 82% of the local marketing experts say that GMB optimization is a “very effective” tactic in improving local pack rankings.

As well as being aware of what a critical tool Google My Business is, you’re probably also aware that Google doesn’t give away any competitor insights. 

For example, let’s imagine that you’ve just started work on local SEO for a law firm in Ohio. You want to know why a competitor is ranking ahead in Google search and what you need to prioritize to overtake them. You head over to Google and conduct a search but this is all you see:

Without an intelligent tool, it’s nearly impossible to understand what you can do to beat the competition and get into the coveted local pack. This is why we built our Google My Business Audit tool. It does all the auditing and analysis that’s normally not available to you and compiles it into one, easy-to-read report.

In this post, I’ll be revealing how you can use Google My Business Audit to help you to:

  • choose the right GMB Categories to increase search visibility, 
  • highlight weak spots that might be…

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