4 Top Facebook eCommerce Marketing Tips That Will Generate More Sales

Facebook is one of the best networks for generating more sales on your eCommerce store.

It accounts for 80.4% of traffic to eCommerce stores. This is around 8 times more than the traffic Instagram drives.

Facebook ecommerce traffic

And 78% of people have discovered products to buy via Facebook.

facebook ecommerce product discovery

So, to help you fortify your Facebook eCommerce marketing strategy, I have listed some top tips below. They include both organic and paid methods.

#1. Create a Facebook optimized eCommerce website

The first thing you will need to do is optimize your eCommerce store product pages to drive more Facebook shares and traffic. You can do this by:

Adding share buttons

When you share your own products to your Facebook page, you will drive some traffic and sales, but what will be even more beneficial is getting strangers who have no affiliation with your products to share your product pages. As people who are friends with these people will trust what they have to say about your products more so than what you have to say yourself.

So, before you begin driving any traffic from Facebook, you need to add some share buttons. This will get people who visit your product landing pages to share them with their followers. This can seriously boost your Facebook organic traffic.

And make sure you adjust the Facebook title, description and thumbnail images that get shared. The better they are written (and look), the more clicks and traffic you will get.

Add the page Like button

When people visit your site from Facebook, you know one thing…

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