With roughly 3.5 billion searches per day, it can be difficult to capture all relevant search terms for your business through PPC. To make matters more difficult, Google announced last month that modified broad match is going away, which means some search queries will no longer be eligible to show based on the word order of that query.

This means that advertisers will need to not only expand their keyword lists for exact and phrase match, but they will also need to embrace broad match.

While this might seem scary (I, for one, know of some pretty wild searches I’ve seen come through broad match over the years), there is a way to embrace broad match while seeing a significant increase in conversions at your target CPA. Broad match can actually be a really good catch-all strategy for identifying new keywords to incorporate into your search campaigns.

In this article, I’ll share some data from my own client’s success with broad match (in an industry hard hit by the pandemic) and provide four tips for testing this safely while not breaking the bank. They include:

  1. Monitor shifts in performance
  2. Embrace and trust automation
  3. Review your search query reports frequently
  4. Be patient with hitting targets

Seeing success with broad match (case study)

I’ve been working with a client in the travel industry for over two years now, and (unsurprisingly) with COVID-19, it has been more difficult to drive steady conversion volume. It’s also nearly impossible to

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