4 Reasons Text Message Marketing Kicks Ass (+ Tips and Examples)

Text message marketing is bigger than ever and just in time. Text messages have an open rate of 82 percent. That’s four out of every five people reading their texts within the first three minutes of receiving it.

Is your email marketing campaign showing those kind of numbers?

Texting is an integral part of the public’s way of life today, and they actually prefer to be engaged in that format. But only if it’s done right. Developing an effective SMS strategy takes a specific attention to detail.

What Is Text Message Marketing?

Also known as SMS marketing, it’s a marketing technique where businesses send announcements, deals, coupons, and other information to customers via text message.


It’s a faster, more direct way of engaging with customers that feels more personalized and sincere (depending on the message, of course).

4 Reasons Text Message Marketing Works

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were a bit skeptical of the practice. It seems like an extracurricular activity on top of more traditional marketing strategies. Kind of like an elective.

But there are real benefits to text message marketing.

1. It Builds a Sense of Urgency.

What’s a guaranteed way to get someone’s attention these days? Have their text chime go off.

It’s incredibly easy to dismiss a phone call or ignore an email, but there’s something about texts that compel us to open them at the next available opportunity. Whether it be curiosity or compulsion, people react to messages differently than…

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