In October, Google rolled out Google Analytics 4 (previously “App + Web properties”) as the official default property type for Analytics accounts moving forward. With this rollout comes a rebuild of Google Analytics from the ground up, geared around user events and tracking users through the customer journey. Marketers will find that GA4 entails a major layout change, along with the addition of several new features. 

You can start creating Google Analytics 4 properties now for any existing sites currently on Universal Analytics. Here’s an overview of a few features you should know about.

New Layout

If you’re used to the current GA layout, you’re in for a shock the first time you open up a GA4 account. The navigation structure has been changed significantly, with many sections renamed and recategorized. 

GA4 Home

In general, the structure is updated to focus around the user path and around events that are tracked as people browse your site. There are 5 top level categories: Lifecycle, User, Events, Explore, and Configure.

The data tables also have an updated look, with some additional metrics added by default, such as engaged sessions, engagement rate, and event count. You can add secondary dimensions using the “plus” symbol next to the dimension dropdown above the table.

Many sections have been consolidated into single reports that were in separate places before. For instance, a “Tech details” report lets you view data by…

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