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Recommended for players who enjoy exploring a world full of intricate details and unexpected delights.



A hundred years ago, The Hundred Year Kingdom was a peaceful land. After the Revolution, the Bronze Saints rebuilt the city and renewed traditions, building a new continent for humanity. However, to leave it a beautiful past is never to be forgotten and something still being left undone by the society they created.

The Hundred Year Kingdom Art Book features profiles of the goddesses and in-depth descriptions of every world, structure, and building.

Immerse yourself in the past of the world The Hundred Year Kingdom.

Explore the desolate zones where the tribes of the game, Arktos and Republic of Divine, once lived.

Prove your prowess in combat with powerful enemies and test the skills of your friends.

Art Guide: Every world, structure, and building.


Sink yourself in the past of The Hundred Year Kingdom with the art book, The Hundred Year Kingdom Art Book.

The art book features profiles of the goddesses and in-depth descriptions of every world, structure, and building.

Summoning for your friends, the powerful combat attack, and other skills are no longer possible. As a result, revive the adventure and uncover hidden secrets.

Explore the desolate zones where the tribes of the game, Arktos and Republic of Divine, once lived.

Prove your prowess in combat with powerful enemies and test the skills of your friends.

Summon your favorite goddesses and choose your favorite World Edit to chat about things that have occurred, or to look back on the history of the kingdom.

Experience the style of that time and walk through the kingdom, customizing your own avatar and entering the famous city of Gods and Goddesses.

Discover hidden secrets while exploring the world.

Experience the world of The Hundred Year Kingdom with the art book, The Hundred Year Kingdom Art Book.

What’s new?

New challenges

Access the new content through any part of the game for a limited time.

The Available Expedition

The battles, adventures, and skill challenges are always evolving. Although the information in the art book might be outdated, experiencing the latest content will excite you, no matter what time period you are experiencing it.


The Goddesses are the


Features Key:

  • Characters
  • Credits
  • Movies
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Bonus

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4 For The Money Demo Keygen Free

This fully localized and professionally translated game features dozens of secret locations, challenging puzzles, and four playable characters. The player takes on the role of a professional mercenary, who gets hired by your employer to deal with the following scenario: check a laboratory complex, which is being attacked by a group of Combine soldiers. Break into the building and clear it of enemies, without attracting attention from the Combine soldiers.
The game is about finding passwords, entering codes, and talking to strange characters. Grab some weapons, some equipment and potions, explore the place, find the needed items and work your way through the building, either by climbing, finding ways to avoid the Combine forces in a corridor, or shooting them one by one.

This modification allows to gain access to the labs, to activate the defense system, and to shoot Combine soldiers and test your skills in a unique approach of FPS-Like mechanics, developed specifically for this modification, and combines Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2.


The player takes on the role of James, a professional mercenary. His task is to carry out a couple of tasks. A job is being assigned to him by his employer. To start the execution, he has to find a way to gain access to the labs, to clear the building, and finally to establish the emergency protocol for the lab without attracting the attention of Combine soldiers.

The game’s world consists of dark and gloomy corridors, occupied by Combine soldiers, many of them in slow-moving tanks or on moving platforms. The player’s goal is to find code words, start automatic defenses, clear the building, and escape the Combine forces.

Because the Combine soldiers are patrolling, a stealth approach is a must. Unfortunately, due to the lack of light and some missing corridors, there is a lot of space which can be used for hiding. But he must be careful, because if he’s spotted by the Combine’s soldiers, he’ll be killed. And the Combine soldiers are fond of shooting in close quarters. If you’re spotted from a distance, they will not shoot, instead they’ll send shockwaves in your direction, which will kill you if you’re standing in the field.

Gameplay Mechanics

The player has full control of the game. Every object has only one function. Movement is done through the arrows on the screen. To interact with objects, the player has to perform the right action.



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What’s new in 4 For The Money Demo:

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    System Requirements For 4 For The Money Demo:

    * CPU: Intel Core2 Duo, AMD Phenom, or equivalent
    * Memory: 2GB RAM
    * Video: 1280×800, or higher
    * Hard Drive Space: 1.5GB
    * Connection to the internet and your Xbox Live account required.
    * Supported and tested with the following Operating Systems:
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux
    Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Yosemite


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