When it comes to running and starting a website, there are many elements that you have to think about, to begin with. What domain name to pick? Where to host your website? What is your website going to be about and how it is going to look? Once that is all done, then should come the content, the traffic, and you’ve started yourself a successful start-up website.

However, as the website matures, the requirements to run the website changes: in some areas, quite considerably.


Website Speed

As the content of a website increases, the size of the database increases. As you add more plugins and functionality to a website, the code on the website increases. In general, as a rule of thumb, the longer a website goes on, the slower it gets.

Couple this with changes as to what determines a good site speed such as core web vitals that were introduced by Google, and part of the time with a website has to come with managing the website load time.

As a quick tip for website speed:

  • Defer JS
  • Minify and defer code
  • Use a content delivery network
  • Cache, both a cache for the site and a varnish cache at the server level


Updating Content

It’s important, especially with evergreen content, to update old content to keep fresh, both in terms of UX, it looks, and the content itself.

For example, you might have an article that does well on your site, such as how to tie a tie.

For years, the article might do well. But, you could introduce updates to the post such as:

  • Step by step bullet…

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