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Anyone in the eCommerce industry knows that the 2020 holiday season is bound to be just as crazy and unpredictable as the rest of the year has been. And the big question we are all curious about is, “How should I adjust my holiday planning strategy for COVID-19?!?”

Many of the tried-and-true strategies that have helped us survive years past will need to be recalibrated this year. For instance, conducting a historical performance analysis to determine daily budget forecasts for the upcoming year (a common practice) could markedly lead us astray as we plan our budgets this year. And relying on promotional strategies that have worked well in the past will need to be re-evaluated as we consider the challenges that our customers are facing this year.

So, that begs the question: How can we plan for the unprecedented circumstances this year, and make the most out of Q4?

Well, you’re in luck; 3Q recently conducted an internal holiday planning event for all of our employees where several of our in-house experts (Zenia Johnson, Jenna Hardenbrook, Abel Tesfa, and Charlotte Haab) shared what’s on their mind this year. In this post, we’ll share three of their key tactics and insights.

1.   Prepare for early holiday shoppers

Consumer shopping trends will be different this year. While nobody can predict how this shopping season will play out, 3Q’s experts anticipate that the shopping season will start…

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