We all know the feeling of getting behind. Once you get there, it can feel overwhelming or daunting as you try to catch up. The easiest way to avoid that is to stay ahead of the game. This means, going above and beyond your routine PPC management tasks to re-examine your accounts, review for efficiency and just as proactive as you can to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

You could revisit this list as often as you like or need. You could use it when onboarding a new client or as part of your monthly/quarterly/annual business reviews.

Here is my list of proactive PPC ideas in no particular order:

  1. Double-check that conversion tracking is working properly in all channels.
  2. Are there any additional goals you could set-up in Google Analytics to show additional value for your campaigns (newsletter sign-up, PDF downloads, key button clicks)?
  3. Evaluate if automated rules or alerts could be set-up to save you time on some of your tasks.
  4. Brainstorm new potential testing ideas.
  5. Ask a coworker if they could use your help (or vice versa). A second set of eyes can easily help with optimization ideas, new opportunities, etc.
  6. Review industry blogs or Twitter posts (#ppcchat) to keep on top of the latest happening in the industry.
  7. Perform a long-term analysis of your accounts to see trends, insights, growth, etc. (maybe excluding 2020 in this one, lol)
  8. Review ad copy key selling propositions, CTAs to think through what can be tested next.
  9. Run an N-gram analysis using…

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