If I had an e-commerce website that was bringing in 10 million visitors a month, would you deem that a success?

On the surface of things, yes, that is a huge success. But, critical questions need to be asked, such as:

  • What are the main traffic sources for the website? Organic versus social versus email marketing versus others all have different conversion rates for e-commerce sites, altering their expected value.
  • Where in the world does the traffic come from?

The second point is particularly important. The location of your traffic is key to the success of it actually. If you are a US website aimed at targeting the US market, and all of your traffic comes from the likes of Asia, then that is not going to do you too many favors!


With this, here are three really simple tips to help you improve the geo-targeting of your SEO.


#1 Server Location

The server location actually plays a big part in the success you have on SEO than you think.

For most websites, they will be on shared hosting, which means this can chop and change, jumping between different IP addresses. This makes it really difficult to know where your server is primarily located.

The reason why the server location is important is that not all content can be delivered through content delivery networks – some has to come from the server, such as admin-ajax queries, for example.

When this is the case, the distance your traffic is from the server location, taking into consideration the speed of light, plays a…

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