Discover 3 SEO Techniques for 2019 to improve rankings. Our Search Engine Optimization Techniques and Strategies are relevant and will give you long-term results. Instead of trying old techniques and methods, make sure you are using the best possible ideas to improve your Bing and Google search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization has changed drastically over the years and you need to be using the latest SEO techniques to rank over your competitors. There are thousands of ideas you can employ, but these are the three things I do most often and they help me improve my google search engine rankings. We take you through our SEO techniques step by step so that you can understand them even if you are a beginner.

3 Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1 – Find relevant keywords using SEO keyword research and create content around those keywords

The most important thing you can do is consistently create content that solves problems for your visitors. When you are creating new blog posts, videos, and podcasts consistently, you will improve your Google search engine rankings because it’s the best long-term technique and it will never go out of style.

The websites that rank the most are the ones that use keyword research to find the best keywords for their business and the ones that create great content around those keywords. This method is time-consuming and that’s exactly why it works. You can no longer just put up short blog posts, you need in depth content that helps people.

2 – Improve and Optimize your existing content

Let’s say you have a year old blog posts about SEO techniques, you need to update it to keep your rankings. Not only do you want to update the words, videos, images, audio, and other visuals, you want to update the date. That way you can tell Google that your blog post is very relevant and even though it was published a year ago, the updated date shows that everything on the page is brand new.

3 – Use Google Search Console to improve pages that rank and to find new keywords you can optimize and improve your rankings for.

Google search console will give you so much insight for how your website is performing in search engines. You absolutely want to use it to find new keywords and find pages that need some improvement and optimization.

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There are plenty of effective SEO techniques in addition to the ones we show here. You might want to improve your website speed because Google favors faster and more user-friendly websites. You want to add Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your website. You want to create a YouTube channel and other social media channels that you can use to promote your content. That will help you gain more social shares and backlinks as people can find your content easier.

One effective SEO technique is to improve your overall engagement on your website. If you are seeing high bounce rates and people are not engaging long on your website, you want to add more content and user-friendly features to keep people on your website longer.

Building backlinks has long been an effective SEO strategy that you can use, but you want to build them naturally over time and earn them with great content, rather than going out to get them.