Whoever said, “life is a journey, not a destination,” clearly wasn’t a time-strapped marketer trying to dig themselves out from under a mountain of tasks by the end of the day. 

(The quote is often attributed to the 18th-century poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. Hmm, yeah, not exactly someone with conversion rates top of mind.)

Kevin Malone from the office working

When it comes to building landing pages, you’re not doing it for the journey, are you? In fact, you probably wish you could just skip over the whole thing and get straight to the destination: more conversions

And that’s why we’ve launched Smart Builder (Beta), powered by Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™.

Smart Builder Lights Up a Direct Path to More Conversions

Smart Builder is our new AI-powered landing page builder that uses over 10 years of data (that’s 1.5 billion conversions!) to provide marketers a guided building experience. It speeds up (and smooths out) the journey to publishing high-converting content—no more guesswork, no more endless iterations.

That means you can spend more time watching those conversions roll in

So how exactly does it work? 

To get started, all you’ve gotta do is share a little bit about your business and campaign—your industry, audience, and conversion goals. Smart Builder will then provide templates, section components, and even copy recommendations. It’s pretty dang spectacular, if we might say so ourselves.

Smart Builder helps you adopt conversion intelligence—a new approach to…

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