When it comes to finding ways to improve the search engine optimization of a website (SEO), there is a multitude of ways you can do this. However, the majority of these are quite time consuming, using specialist analysis and tools, from the likes of SEMRush and more.

What if there were some ways you can improve the ranking of your website, without actually having to do too much effort? Changing bad habits for good ones that Google and other search engines like?

This is exactly what I want to share with you in this post. Therefore, without further ado, here are some quick ways to boost your website’s SEO.


Use a Spell Checker Plugin/App

Google recently released a new algorithm update to their search engine which reiterated a number of points that web owners should continually be reminded of:

  • If you are worried about losing ranking/traffic after a search engine update, question how good a quality your content is.
  • You can still modify the content if it ranks lower after an update, in an attempt to improve it for the next algorithm update.
  • If you want high on Google:
    • Make high-quality content
    • Make sure the content is unique
    • Remove all typos and grammatical errors

Things such as typos and grammatical errors take time to remove since proofreading content is 1) boring and 2) you have to read a lot of content. This is why some plugins/apps, such as Grammarly, can be an extremely effective way to improve the quality of your content, and therefore the SEO of it…

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