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Nothing about 2020 was easy. If you told me a year ago that 3Q would be where we are today, with everyone working in isolation and COVID-19 resulting in surging unemployment numbers and closed businesses, I’d have wondered how our team and clients would get through the year.

And if you told me in April 2020 that we would go on to achieve what we had achieved in 2020, I’d have wondered what kind of magic optimism pills you’d found. 

As I look back on the past 10 months in particular, I’m indescribably proud of our team for being there for each other. COVID has affected everyone’s daily lives, and the relentless care and empathy we’ve shown each other has provided countless examples of our #actforthegreatergood value and been a huge part of our success this year. I’d like to dedicate this post as one big thank-you to our team for living our #acceptnolimits mantra every day, and to our incredible clients and partners for their resilience and teamwork.

Some of the achievements that fill me with pride and gratitude:

We’ve grown. 

Despite massive economic headwinds for many of our clients, 3Q enters 2021 a bigger, stronger company than ever, having achieved all-time highs in employee numbers and revenue. Teams across the organization have spent most of 2020 pivoting, proactively problem-solving, and building new skills and processes to meet the needs of the time. Much of this is credit to…

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