20/20 Vision: Rules Regulating Low Value Content Intensify

Episode Overview: The internet launched nearly 30 years ago and now has more than 1.7 billion websites. Google’s web crawlers can comb websites incredibly fast, but as the amount of webpages increase, Google and other search giants may need to regulate outdated content just to keep up. Join Ben and Searchmetrics CEO Jordan Koene as they conclude 20/20 Vision Week with a final discussion predicting what policies and rules Google may implement to regulate older, low value content.


  • Crawling millions of websites with old content costs Google valuable time and money, creating a need to understand and regulate older content.
  • It’s unclear how Google will tackle the problem, but the solution will likely include the opportunity to remove, redirect or consolidate content to save them time and money while providing brands with agency and content management options.
  • Ultimately Google’s solution will align with its main mission – How to give users, consumers, and online searchers what they want and deliver it in an effective way.


Ben:                 Welcome back to the last episode of 2020 SEO Predictions Week on the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host Benjamin Shapiro, and this week we’ve published an episode every day covering our bold predictions for SEO in 2020.

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