Colan Nielsen on Twitter

We talk a lot here about how to keep up to date on local SEO news, from forums to webinars, and beyond. But what better way to learn than by delving deep into the experts’ realm?

If you’re looking for daily updates on the latest changes in Google My Business, local search algorithm updates, or even upcoming events, then Twitter is the place for you.

To help you build your following list, we’re shouting out 17 local SEO experts you need to follow.

And sadly, yes, we did have to whittle this list down to just 17. While Twitter is full of knowledgeable SEOs, we’ve opted for the most active, but if you’re looking for even more SEOs to fill your timeline with, then be sure to check out our full list of local SEO experts.

Colan Nielsen on Twitter

If you frequent online local SEO communities and forums, you’ll likely have seen Colan’s face before. A key member of the Sterling Sky local search Dream Team, Colan regularly shares his unique expertise and insights on Twitter.

Colan frequently shares new updates surrounding Google My Business and is always vocal in the conversation around local search. Plus, if you follow Colan you’ll be among the first to see his always-insightful blogs for Sterling Sky and LocalU, such as his recent work on the potential local ranking update.

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