16 of the Best Sales Techniques That  Close More Deals (+ 4 That Fail)

Looking to sharpen your sales techniques?

We encourage you to dive into inbound sales techniques if you want to see really positive results.

Inbound sales takes the old, interruptive sales process and turns it on its head. Instead of blasting your message to as many people as possible and hoping for the best, you have the chance to make a genuine connection with prospects – creating true “win-win” outcomes.

What Is a Sales Technique?


One of the main reasons inbound marketing is so powerful is that it’s permission-based. Early in the relationship, prospects signal they are willing to hear from you. But once you have that permission, what do you do?

That’s where inbound sales techniques come in.

Outbound sales are a lecture, while inbound sales are a conversation. There still needs to be direct contact between your prospects and sales team, but the route to get there is very different: Lead nurturing happens at every step.

As a result, prospects are more likely to lean in and listen when the sales call comes. Let’s review some of the best sales techniques your team can employ to start driving revenue, as well as some techniques that need to be put to rest. 

Sales Prospecting Techniques

We’ll start with sales prospecting. Prospecting requires you to actively search for potential customers that will convert and drive your business.

Some key techniques include the following:

1. Conduct Research Before Connecting.

With buyer journeys in hand, it becomes…

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