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15 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques That’ll Boost Conversions

Have you ever seen an object glow in the dark?

If you have, you’ll notice that even amongst darkness, that glowing object still captures your focus with its beauty.

Similarly, in a world where everyone is clamoring for your prospects’ attention, you need your content to stand out. 

According to HubSpot, 49% of marketers report that increasing customer acquisition is their top priority.

Therefore, you need a competitive advantage. 

In this article, we’re going to explore 15 persuasive copywriting techniques that engage leads and convert them. 

So, let’s jump right in.

1. Write conversationally – one friend to another

Everyone wants to feel valued.

No one wants to feel like a faceless entity.

When you write conversationally, you’re talking to your prospect, making them feel valued. 

You use words like “I” and “you” to make your prospect feel like a friend.

But do keep in mind the magnetic power of the word “you” as you write your copy.

“As long as you use words like I, you, and me, you create the feel of a personal form of communication.”Joseph Sugarman

Furthermore, use simple words and simple sentences to create a light atmosphere.

The objective?

To present copy that’s easy to read.

It’s not about “talking down” to your reader. It’s about clarity.

Without clarity, there’s no conversation. No persuasion.

Want to see an example of conversational copy?

Check out this snippet from Levi’s website:

Levi's Persuasive Copywriting White Denim Season Is Back

Image Source: Levi’s

Notice the following:

• They…

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