15 of the Best Business Fonts to Use For Your Logo

Your logo is the crown jewel of your brand, right? It’s what you’ll put on all of your collateral, from beer koozies to email signatures. And to get the perfect logo, all you need is a neat image!

Well, not exactly. You’re missing a piece of the puzzle if that’s all you think it takes to create a memorable brand logo.

You also have to consider what type of business font you want to use.

Why Business Fonts Matter

We’re not joking when we say that you should take picking a font for your business very seriously. They’re not just there for casual aesthetics.

Fonts have the power to reflect your brand’s identity, personality, industry, and so much more.


Unfortunately, you don’t have the same autonomy for your brand in picking the coolest WordArt effect as you did for your fourth grade science project. (Here’s looking at you blue wave effect.)

Instead, you need to consider a more comprehensive list of elements to make sure that your messaging aligns with the rest of your branding.

And then you want to make sure it’s pretty.

Elements of Modern Logo Fonts

There’s a bittersweet nature to just how limitless the options are when it comes to logo and font pairings. You’re truly only restricted by your own imagination (assuming you’re in line with what works in your industry).

Thankfully, if you examine certain trends in contemporary logo fonts, you may be able to identify what will work the best in your favor.

Here are some key elements of modern business fonts…

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