15 Best Tips For Designing A Low-Pressure Marketing Campaign

Marketing has changed drastically over the years. What worked before as aggressive selling is now frowned upon because the world’s social etiquette has also changed. Buyers tend to get turned off when a company or salesperson approaches them with an aggressive sales pitch.

The result is that businesses and salespeople now have to figure out less “pushy” ways to approach clients. Research has helped marketers understand that “soft” selling is far more effective than a hard pitch. These 15 experts from Forbes Agency Council share several proven tips for businesses looking to put less pressure on their buyers while still closing those sales.

1. Look To Your Brand Values And Mission

Instead of selling, look to your brand values and mission. Educate potential customers on your brand and product, make it simple for them to transact, and empower them to share the brand story with their friends. – Samir Balwani, Methods & Metrics

2. Demonstrate Your Value

Demonstrating value and then letting the customer make their own decision works well in the current climate. As long as you have a valuable product or service, marketing and sales shouldn’t be an issue — just don’t get pushy. – Erik Huberman, Hawke Media

3. Personalize Features And Benefits

Consumers are deeply interested in info on new goods and services as…

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