14 Influential Infographic Examples to Inspire You

14 Influential Infographic Examples to Inspire You

The infographic started to rise as a trend in 2011/2012 when they became popular as linkbait for generating links. They quickly exploded to the point where everyone and their florist was trying to share an infographic that they ‘thought you might want to share’ and ‘please link to me.’ 

Subsequently, the quality of infographics degraded, and the perception of this style of data visualization was damaged.

‘Infographic’ as a search term peaked in 2015 but still holds strong today.

I’m a huge advocate of infographics and data visualization and was sad to see this beautiful artform ground down and misused.

What is an Infographic?

The very first infographic is sometimes considered as John Snow’s Cholera map in 1854 or William Playfair’s trade-balance time-series chart in 1786. For some, it could be ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

What is agreed, is that Infographics have been used to communicate complex information for a long time.

To define, an infographic is a visual representation of information that can be grasped easily and quickly.

Pure data visualization and infographics are graphic design art forms—communication of complex information that is comprehensible and beautiful at the same time. 

An infographic is not adding icons or an illustration to a paragraph of text.

What is a Good Infographic?

Creating content for outreach is not about using a medium for the medium’s sake – which is how…

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