There is no shortage of statistics from during the pandemic, showing drastic drops and soaring growth rates as our behaviors shifted so rapidly. But we’re now halfway through 2021, well into the (dare we say it) new normal. It’s time now to look at which changes have stuck and what we can do about them as marketers.

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That’s why we’ve gathered these post-pandemic marketing statistics for 2021 to help you come to a safe landing after a turbulent 2020. In this post, we’ll provide

  • 12 post-pandemic marketing statistics to know for 2021.
  • Explanations for what they mean to marketers and advertisers
  • 39 specific actions you can take to align with these statistics and keep up with competitors.

With a better feel for how consumers and advertisers have settled out after the pandemic, you can make the best decisions on meeting your audience’s expectations.

Post-pandemic marketing statistics for 2021

These marketing statistics span across search, social, video, and programmatic ads.

1. The average daily time spent with digital media is now almost 8 hours

This is a seven-minute increase from 2020. This is also in contrast to traditional advertising (TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines), which is 5.5 hours and decreasing.

graph showing increased time spent online and decreased time spent on traditional media

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What this means

An online existence is not enough. If you want to stay in the minds of potential customers, you need a consistent, multi-channel online presence.

What to do

  • Set up a professionally designed,…

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