Gender pay gap in local SEO

To celebrate International Women’s Day (albeit belatedly), we at BrightLocal wanted to take this opportunity to highlight just a handful of women in local SEO doing great things right now. 

In a male-dominated industry, it’s important to take these opportunities to showcase and lift women up. Though of course, it shouldn’t just take an event like International Women’s Day to amplify women’s voices; we should be doing it all year round.

Gender inequality in local SEO

This year, our Local Search Industry Survey (run by our very own in-house shoutout-able woman in SEO, Rosie Murphy), possibly unsurprisingly, highlighted an industry pay gap between men and women in local SEO, with women reportedly earning 14% less on average. The survey also displayed a disparity in positions of seniority between men and women, with more men reporting to fill senior roles than women.

In light of these results, it’s hard not to question whether or not women in local SEO are being afforded the same opportunities to grow and prosper as men. There are certainly fewer women in local SEO than men, but clearly there are also fewer making their way to the top. And given the abundant talent in the industry, that can’t be a coincidence. 

Over the weekend, UK-based paper The Guardian reported that nine out of 10 people across the globe have been found to have a gender bias against women. What kind of impact might this have when it comes to jobs? And what measures can…

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