100 days to make the switch

As the sun begins to set on Google Analytics Universal Analytics (UA), businesses are (or should be) gearing up for the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

With just 100 days left until UA is officially retired, it’s crucial for organizations of all sizes to understand the benefits and challenges of migrating to GA4, as well as the essential steps to ensure a smooth transition.

A Q&A from Steve Ganem, Director of Product for Google Analytics, helps us gain invaluable insights into the key features, challenges, and advantages of adopting GA4.

What are the biggest misconceptions about GA4?

“It’s a new product that is not mature enough to use.”  

Despite announcing the migration a little over a year ago, GA4 has been in use by advertisers since 2020, while the idea of web and app analytics has been around since 2019.

With GA4, businesses can access valuable insights to help them make informed and strategic decisions for their operations.

“It’s overly complex and doesn’t provide the same reporting as Universal Analytics” 

GA4 has a learning curve, but it’s essential to move beyond the traditional session-based mindset. To address the complexity of the current digital landscape, we developed GA4, incorporating features like a novel event structure and redesigned user journeys.

Although these concepts might not be immediately clear or easy to grasp, businesses that overcome the learning curve will discover that GA4 is…

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