10 Ways to Use the HubSpot Slack Integration to Improve Efficiency (+ Tutorial)

Sales, marketing, and service are, at their core, about building relationships.

However, your reps may get too involved with completing menial tasks and feel like they don’t have enough time to focus on relationship building. Software exists to help your reps reduce the amount of menial tasks they do.

For instance, the HubSpot Slack integration does just that.

Merging HubSpot and Slack together has provided teams with a seamless combination of the conversations tool in HubSpot and important Slack channels. 

The integration has so many great features and benefits for your business. This guide shows you everything you can do with the new integration and walks you through you how to set it up.

What Is Slack?

Slack is a popular workplace communication tool. It operates as an instant messaging system for teams to use across multiple devices and platforms.

Slack is packed with amazing features that allow you to chat with teammates one on one or in groups. You can even upload and share documents, photos, and other files.

Perhaps one of the best things about Slack is its add-ins or integrations with other workplace apps and services. It is a great place to collaborate, coordinate, and get to know your teammates and organizers.

Impressed by all of Slack’s amazing features? It gets even better when you integrate Slack with HubSpot. 

10 Ways You Can Use the HubSpot Slack Integration

Here are 10 ways you can use the HubSpot Slack integration to make communicating with and

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