10 Ways to Crush Your Next Outbound Sales Calls (+ Script Examples and Templates)

Yes, it is still possible to have successful outbound sales calls.

Saying the right things on an outbound sales call may seem like moving pieces on a chess board. However, you can keep leads engaged and close more deals by learning and applying a handful of rules. 

Let’s go over some of the basics involved in outbound sales calls and provide you with 10 ways to make your calls more successful, along with some essential components you need to add to your sales call scripts. 

What Are Outbound Sales Calls?

Outbound sales calls, which are often cold calls, are calls that are initiated by a salesperson to a customer without prior engagement. The dialer may research the recipient before calling prospects, but generally an outbound call is the very first time a salesperson and a prospect have been in touch.

Outbound calls often get a bad rap, but they do have a few advantages that can prove beneficial for your sales team and your business.

Some of these advantages of outbound sales calls include the following:

  • They generate leads fast.
  • They help you to qualify leads.
  • They’re easy to measure and test.
  • They give your salespeople the opportunity to connect on a human level every time.
  • They can help you to improve your brand awareness.

Outbound Sales Calls vs. Inbound Sales Calls

There are always debates surrounding inbound and outbound marketing and selling methods. So, what about outbound and inbound sales calls?

Let’s see what their similarities and differences…

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