10 of the Best Ways to Get Instagram Followers for Your Business

Instagram is more than just the leading repository of latte art.

It has more than one billion monthly active users – yes, billion with a “b.” And while the majority of users are in the U.S., it has a massive presence globally, with big user bases in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia. 

Instagram also skews young and hip, with the under-30 crowd making up about 60 percent of the platform, and teenagers are drawn to it in growing numbers.

B2C brands can make a big splash on Instagram. Whether you’re showing off a delicious meal, a beautiful car, or an amazing office gadget, Instagram is the way to connect with consumers who want to consume straightforward, energetic, visually engaging stories.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is the way businesses connect with and engage with their target audiences using pictures and videos. In recent years, Instagram has become a great tool for brands that want to show users their corporate cultures to market products and services in a new and exciting way.

This often attracts new customers and potential talent while building brand loyalty and establishing brand identity


Instagram has free insights into user analytics for business profiles that allow you to track impressions and engagements on your stories and posts with the option to take a look at demographic information such as gender, age, location, and active hours. 

With Instagram, you can apply key marketing strategies in several creative…

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