Do meta descriptions still matter in SEO?

Yes. But maybe not for the reasons you initially think of.

Because you still need meta descriptions, there are some best practices you need to follow when creating them.

We can assuredly say meta descriptions are not a crucial factor in where your content will rank in Google, but if Bing is a focus for you, they do support and give them more weight.

Regardless, we all know SEO is not just about rank.

Search engine optimization is also about:

  • Establishing authority.
  • Attracting eyeballs.
  • Engaging with a target audience via keyword-rich content.
  • Inducing some action by searchers.

Meta descriptions still very much matter as they make up and/or contribute to a significant portion of content displayed in the search engine results.

When you look at a search result, what do you see?

A URL, a clickable page title in blue, and a snippet of text (sometimes the meta description you’ve created), which hopefully provides some explanation of what you will see if/when you click.

Meta descriptions still represent an opportunity for site owners to “promote” a page and/or incorporate a call to action directly into the search results.


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A meta description may include a call to action to “Click to learn/read/discover more!” or “Click to buy now!”

If you manage the website of a local business you may want to instruct your users to “Call today at xxx-xxx-xxxx…”

This can be a particularly effective strategy as the…

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