For a successful campaign, lead generation isn’t entirely enough. It is equally important to convert those leads into revenue-generating customers. The process of transforming a lead into a paying customer goes through the phenomenon of lead nurturing.

More specifically, lead nurturing is a relationship-building tactic with prospects who are interested in a product or service but aren’t convinced enough to buy something. They might avail services or buy the products at a future stage. Lead nurturing aims at educating the prospects about a product or service, making them aware of your product/company with an intention to influence their buying decisions in your favour.

With the dynamic consumption cycles and increasingly complex purchase decisions, brands and businesses are trying to invest more and more towards lead generation and lead nurturing. They aren’t just focusing on creating the best lead forms but are more concerned about a holistic CRO strategy that can guide prospects further into the sales funnel. If you are interested in how businesses are taking on the lead generation and nurturing challenge, here are some facts and statistics to help you with your research.

1. 65% of businesses consider traffic and lead generation as their biggest marketing challenge.

According to HubSpot, generating quality traffic and leads is one of the biggest challenges for business marketers around the globe. It has been haunting marketers for years and still gives them jitters….

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