10 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2023

Check out these content marketing trends you’ll want to have on your radar as you strategize for a successful 2023.

A triage of increased consumer demand, search and content convergence, and AI awareness makes 2023 a challenging but opportunistic year for content marketers.

As the demand for content hits an all-time high, quality and helpful content is becoming a number one priority.

This, combined with a meteoric rise in AI-generated content, represents a paradigm shift in how marketers approach content.

Content Marketing Trend For 2023: A New Content Battleground

Many of the content trends we identified last year still remain vital and have not changed.

For example, the focus on intent and proving value, the fusion of multiple media formats, and the emphasis on the processing and utilization of data as an informer have not changed.

The same applies to the vital art of storytelling and account-based content marketing. However, as content production surges, a lot has changed.

The content marketing market is poised to grow by $584.02 billion during…

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