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Instagram shows no signs of slowing down and they’ve consistently surpassed their one billion monthly active user count. If you’ve ever tried to boost your Instagram followers, however, you know that it’s no easy task.

Every day there is more and more competition on the platform in every niche, so growing your follower count on Instagram can take a lot of time, patience, and dedication. If you’re a brand, business, creator, influencer, or anyone else trying to build your reputation, you know that time is money.

Luckily, there are tools available to help with a variety of different tasks on Instagram; from post schedulers to template generators to hashtag tools to follower growth services, you’ve got plenty of options.

When it comes to tools for Instagram follower growth, there are many options, but not all are created equal. It can be difficult to choose a company that actually provides something of value and won’t pollute your Instagram account with a bunch of fake followers.

An instagram growth service is by far the best way these days to get more Instagram followers without having to spend hours of your own precious time on Instagram engaging with users. In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What an Instagram growth service is
  • The benefits of an Instagram growth service
  • Top Instagram growth services
  • FAQs about how to get more real Instagram followers
  • 3 tips to help your growth service get the maximum numbers of IG followers

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